Plant Based Sports Nutrition Supplements for Athletes
  • Ilya Ezhov (SKA, St.Petersburg, KHL):

    "I love the Terra products which Kenny has provided me for my long season, they help me recover a lot faster after workouts."

  • Gale Yanofsky-Wiseman (Mother of 3 and Cyclist):

    “Kenny introduced me to Terra Restore, which I absolutely love. It has quickly become my favorite recovery drink following any ride or training session.”

  • Alex St-Arnaud (QMJHL/CIS):

    “I love Terra products. They help me push my limits and help me recover after a hard training session.”

What fuels High Performance? A combination of smart training, rest and nutrition. For athletes training at the highest levels we provide high quality nutrition in easy to use formats. Our products are tested for quality, formulated for performance and designed for health .

Terra Nutrition is focused and committed to providing plant based, all-natural, functional vegetarian nutritional supplements that are free of additives, chemicals, added sugar and artificial ingredients. We believe a terra lifestyle is one in which you fuel your body with activity, healthy nutritious food and a positive mind set. We must move away from spending our health to earn our wealth then spending our wealth to reclaim our health. Our mission is to promote the idea that your health must come first because without it nothing is possible.

Terra Nutrition focuses on using plant based ingredients to formulate performance based sports nutrition products. Our emphasis is providing athletes natural alternatives to the synthetic chemical based products that are found.