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Terra Build Vegetarian Protein
Terra Build Vegetarian Protein $29.99
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Terra Restore Organic Coconut Water Powder
Terra Restore Organic Coconut Water Powder $29.99
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Terra Nutrition

Terra Nutrition is a line of plant based, all natural, functional sports nutrition supplements designed to provide people with a healthy alternative to maximize their energy, well-being and recovery during training.   A full spectrum of sports nutrition supplements:  

  • Terra Fuel a pre-workout metabolic stimulator based on all-natural green coffee extract standardized with 50% chlorogenic acid.

  • Terra Restore:  Organic Coconut Water powder providing all your essential electrolytes perfect for hydrating during strenuous activity

  • Terra Build:  A full spectrum plant based vegan protein blend providing a complete amino acid profile combined with digestive enzymes and a vegetarian probiotic blend to maximize protein assimilation and maintain digestive health after activity.

  • Terra Immune:  Provides a full range of alkalizing greens and immune boosting anti-oxidants super fruits.  It does not replace eating a balanced diet but acts as a nutritional supplement and immunity booster.

Our Mission

Terra Nutrition is focused and committed to providing plant based, all-natural, functional vegetarian nutritional supplements that are free of additives, chemicals, added sugar and artificial ingredients.

We believe a terra lifestyle is one in which you fuel your body with activity, healthy nutritious food and a positive mind set.  We must move away from spending our health to earn our wealth then spending our wealth to reclaim our health.  Our mission is to promote the idea that your health must come first because without it nothing is possible.  









Delicious Quick Protein Shake

April 15, 2014

Breakfast of Champions   1 scoop Terra Build Protein 1 Tbs Almond Butter 1.5 cups Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 1 frozen Banana  3 mejool dates   Put Unsweetend Almond Milk in blender Add Almond butter, Protein, Banana and Dates Blend and Enjoy    

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Terra Build Vegetarian Protein is Here

April 04, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that our Terra Build Vegetarian protein has been released.  Terra Build is a blend of 3 synergistic plant based protein sources.  The combination of organic sprouted brown rice protein, yellow pea protein and sacha inchi protein provides a complete amino acid profile as well as a blend that is easily digestible.  We have also added 1.3 Billion CFU per serving of a probiotic blend to aid in digestive health as well as a digestive enzyme blend to aid in digestion. Each scoop provides 20 Grams of complete plant based protein.  There are no added sugars, artificial flavours or preservatives.  The blend is sweetened with natural stevia and natural caramel and vanilla flavouring provides a...

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Five Important Benefits of Probiotics

March 08, 2014

Probiotics are gaining increasing popularity in the modern world due to their association with aiding digestion and achieving optimum health. Taking the form of bacteria or yeast, these organisms are found in many foods and supplementary products. But how do probiotics actually work? Here we look at five important factors that contribute to probiotic success.   Digestive Health   Probiotics are primarily known for their digestion aiding properties. Revered by some as the 'modern day super-food', probiotic supplements promote a supremely healthy lifestyle. Some digestive disorders are attributed to a disturbed balance of 'friendly' bacteria inside the intestines post infection. Re-population of the digestive track is required when otherwise healthy bacteria are killed alongside the harmful type by antibiotics -...

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